We haven’t posted much lately because we’ve been busier than a one-armed paper-hanger, but we did want to let our friends know that Elizabeth Ann (“Elle”) is no longer with us. Elle was diagnosed with diabetes several months ago and we began giving her insulin after each meal. She had good days and bad days […]

When a married individual applies for Medicaid, the law protects the healthier spouse (known as the Community Spouse) if he or she has low income. The law also allows the Community Spouse to keep more resources than the $2,000 limit that applies to single applicants. The rules describing how the Community Spouse income allowance is […]

You might ask, what is Autism Justice? Well, research demonstrates that pregnant women who take or took products containing acetaminophen, like Tylenol and others, have significantly increased risk of having a baby who develops Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Autism Justice is a coalition of scientists, consumer advocates and lawyers helping women and their families hold […]

One thing we want to provide all of our client families is peace of mind. We’re human, so we don’t always succeed, but it is always our goal. With that in mind, we’ve tried to make it easy to find us. Our contact information is on our contact page. Having said that, here is how […]

Some of our followers know we’ve been building an educational website called EZ Elder Law. We started this project almost three years ago and it went live in March of 2021. We know it takes time to build something this large, so it has always been viewed as a 10 year project. The purpose of […]

On May 30, 2023, the Carter Family announced that Former Lady Rosalynn Carter has dementia. The press release is available here. Our sympathies are with the Carter Family. Having met the First Lady when I spoke at her Caregiver Institute, I believe the following song describes the feeling between President Cater and the First Lady: […]

A new Gallup pole, discussed in Americans Remain Discouraged About Personal Finances, indicates that Americans continue to worry about their financial health. The poll included a new open ended question asking “respondents to name the most important financial problem facing their family.” Thirty-five percent of Americans responded that inflation is their cheif concern. Sixty-six percent […]

Our office has over 3,600 square feet (excluding attic storage) and we don’t need that much space. This is prime office space in downtown Dalton. It is within walking distance from City Hall and the Court House at the corner of N. Selvidge Street and Hawthorne Street. It is across the street from the Huff […]

We recently posted regarding scams and fraud on EZ Elder Law. To read the post, click here:

In March, 2021, we quietly launched EZ Elder Law ( to provide news and information regarding subjects that matter to our clients. Going forward, we intend to do most of our blogging there and will post about cases, laws and news that impact elders, individuals with special needs and their caregivers. As of June, we’ve […]


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