Our Four Legged Team Members


Elle, shown above, is our diva. Elle, a Yorkshire Terrier, runs the show. Gibbs and Ali, pictured below, are English Cream (aka European) Golden Retrievers. They will be trained as therapy dogs when they are two years old (which is fast approaching), so they can visit and cheer up patients in assisted living facilities, nursing homes and other health care facilities. They haven’t been in the office much since Covid 19 hit, but expect them back soon.

Gibbs and Ali

For anyone seeking a dog trainer, we found the best. Damon McCook, with Good Citizen K9, is a former marine and if you follow Melinda’s FaceBook page you can see photos and video of the work he’s done whipping our team into shape. You can contact Damon McCook at (423) 641-1586 or email him at damon@goodcitizenk9.com.

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