Can You Protect Your Estate Plan From Being Challenged?

Sean McKissick, a probate litigation attorney, recently wrote “the sad truth is that there is no impregnable suit of armor that will absolutely protect your estate plan from the slings and arrows that may come its way after you die.” He’s right. I began my career as a litigator and we would tell people that anyone with a marker and a roll of toilet paper can file a lawsuit. There are, after all, frivolous cases. But McKissick offers advice on how to mitigate that risk when it comes to your probate estate. First, he says communicate. Don’t let your family be surprised. Second, give out copies, at least to the people that matter, so there’s proof regarding your wishes. Third (and Fourth), reconsider those your disinheriting and their children. Finally, with blended families, don’t leave everything to the step-parent.

Read the entire article at Armor Up! Protecting Your Estate Plan with a Human Touch.



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