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Dalton Georgia Elder Law Office

(by appointment only)
400 N. Selvidge Street (View Building)
Telephone: (706) 428-0888
FAX: (706) 395-4008

Ellijay Georgia Elder Law Office

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142 River Terrace
CORE Suite 111 (View Building)
Ellijay, GA 30540
(762) 345-2030


David’s Cell: (706) 264-4338 (if no answer, leave message and text)
David’s Google Voice: (706) 659-0390 (Rings his cell phone)
Melinda’s Cell: (706) 459-0173

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If you would like to know more about how our firm can serve you, we invite you to call us at 800-241-8755 or fill out the “How Can We Help” form on any page on this website. If you hire us, our goals are to solve the problems¬† you entrust to us and to provide peace of mind.


Preferred Initial Meeting