New Survey Shows Pessimism Regarding Ability to Retire

On July 26, 2023, released a story titled “Our glass is half empty” — why your clients are worried. It discusses a recent survey conducted by Blackrock which indicates that the number of U.S. retirement savers who feel they are “off track” has more than doubled since 2021. As a result, nearly 30% of retirement savers are considering extending their working lives.

Another article, published by Kiplinger, Don’t Let Bad Luck Ruin Your Retirement Dreams, addresses one of the reasons some retirement savers are feeling down and out. Not everyone changes their investment plan as they approach retirement to mitigate or reduce risk. Many, the article states, “aren’t aware of the importance of transitioning their investment plan before they retire to preserve against what financial professionals refer to as sequence of returns risk.” It goes on to say that as you approach retirement, you should reduce the risk in your portfolio.

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