We haven’t posted much lately because we’ve been busier than a one-armed paper-hanger, but we did want to let our friends know that Elizabeth Ann (“Elle”) is no longer with us. Elle was diagnosed with diabetes several months ago and we began giving her insulin after each meal. She had good days and bad days as we struggled to get her sugar under control. In mid January, after a great weekend, Elle stopped eating. It was a Monday. We took her to the vet on Tuesday where she was checked for pancreatitis. Our vet made a referral to the University of Georgia and we rushed her there. They were unable to stabilize her. Elle passed away on January 10, 2024. We had her for ten years and that wasn’t nearly long enough. She was greatly loved and is sorely missed. #alldogsgotoheaven, #ellemcguffey, #waitingatthegate

Little Feet

I still hear the rhythm of little feet, following me from room to room, tapping on the wood floor. Ratta tat tat. And then, if one of us came home, or someone came to the door, she was at alert, racing toward whoever was there. If she was offered a treat, or if she just wanted a hug, she would bounce on her hind legs, reaching for her heart’s desire with her front paws.
Elle’s little feet were special. The last time I saw her alive, I told her she was loved as I held and rubbed her feet. They were webbed. To me, that seems unlike a Yorkie, but she was an unusual pup for all ten years of her way too short life. She was a diva queen.
Her heart was inversely proportional to the size of her feet. Although her feet were tiny, that nine pound dog had a heart the size of a mountain. She loved fiercely. She slept with us, protecting us from things that go bump in the night. She loved her goldens and, make no mistake, they were “her” goldens. She ordered them around like soldiers and they hopped to when she gave orders. But I know she would have freely given her life to protect us or them.
Those little feet were always at work. From a pup, she learned at Nash’s feet and after Nash went to wait at the gate, she trained four goldens. Momma promised she wouldn’t have to train any more and, sadly, Momma kept that promise.
Elle was faithful. She was loyal. She loved with a love so much bigger than love and she never waivered. She was always ready to snuggle and she was always up for spending time with Daddy and Momma. She’s waiting at the gate now and, until we get there, she is sorely missed.


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