Sexual abuse is nonconsensual sexual contact of any kind with an elderly person. Sexual contact with any person incapable of giving consent also is considered sexual abuse; it includes but is not limited to unwanted touching, all types of sexual assault or battery such as rape, sodomy, coerced nudity, and sexually explicit photographing.

Georgia law defines sexual abuse of an at-risk adult as: the coercion for the purpose of self-gratification by a guardian or other person supervising the welfare or having immediate charge, control, or custody of a disabled adult or elder person to engage in any of the following conduct:

(A) Lewd exhibition of the genitals or pubic area of any person;

(B) Flagellation or torture by or upon a person who is unclothed or partially unclothed;

(C) Condition of being fettered, bound, or otherwise physically restrained on the part of a person who is unclothed or partially clothed unless physical restraint is medically indicated;

(D) Physical contact in an act of sexual stimulation or gratification with any person’s unclothed genitals, pubic area, or buttocks or with a female’s nude breasts;

(E) Defecation or urination for the purpose of sexual stimulation of the viewer; or

(F) Penetration of the vagina or rectum by any object except when done as part of a recognized medical or nursing procedure.

Signs and Symptoms of sexual abuse

  • Bruises around the breasts or genital area
  • Unexplained venereal disease or genital infections
  • Unexplained vaginal or anal bleeding
  • Torn, stained, or bloody underclothing
  • An elder’s report of being sexually assaulted or raped



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